Drainage in Bromley | The Benefits of Our Services

At Drain Cover Ltd, we pride ourselves on our ever-growing client list. In fact, a significant amount of our business comes either from repeat custom or new customers contacting us because of direct recommendations. In addition to our unrivalled customer care, we have earned a local reputation for excellence because of the many benefits associated with our drainage services. Be it CCTV drain surveys, drain lining, drain unblocking or more, we work tirelessly to ensure drainage systems remain in, or get returned to, optimal condition.

With this customer-focused, highly beneficial approach, property owners in Bromley continue to choose us over other drainage companies. But don’t simply take our word for it – below we have listed some of the benefits you can receive when hiring us for essential drainage work.

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Advantages of Our Drainage Work

CCTV Drain Surveys

The most obvious benefits of undertaking CCTV drain surveys comes in their accurate diagnosis and swift turnaround time. Because we use the latest in CCTV technology, our engineers can feed a digital camera through most drainage systems. Meanwhile, on the surface, we watch the live footage on a screen, using our vast experience to pick out any faults and issues we see.

CCTV drain surveys eliminate the need for trial-and-error and guesswork. What’s more, this type of surveying is a no-dig, non-invasive solution. As a result, we can complete most drainage services, including drain unblocking, in a far quicker time, saving Bromley property owners money while reducing disruption.

Drain Lining

Much like CCTV drain surveys, this service allows drainage companies to avoid disruptive and costly excavation work. Most sewer drains and storm water pipes lay underground, beneath buildings, driveways, concrete patios and even swimming pools. The ability to perform drain lining without disrupting such areas and features always has its benefits.

What’s more, the resin we use for drain lining has impressive longevity against future leaks and corrosion. This, in turn, helps to reduce the chances of emergency drainage situations in the years to come. Lastly, the drain lining we perform also delivers reliable, quick results. Within 5 minutes of curing, pipes in Bromley have complete imperviousness to water.

Emergency and Planned Drainage Work

As all reputable drainage companies will confirm, proactive system maintenance plays a vital role in reducing the likelihood of emergency situations at your Bromley property. By pre-emptively arranging for one of our CCTV drain surveys, you can avoid the stress, disruption and costs associated with blocked pipes and toilets, pipe collapse or tree root intrusion.

The primary benefit here remains the simple resolution of avoidable drainage problems. Catching a small issue now and performing small drain lining or drain unblocking procedures can help to prevent a much more serious situation a little further down the line.

If you live or work in Bromley and need any kind of drainage service, call Drain Cover Ltd on 020 8410 9200, 07859 098 186 or 07711 083 832 to discuss your requirements.