Drain Lining in Bromley, Croydon, Surrey, Sussex, Kent and Greater London

Due to their hidden or subterranean location, it’s not always easy to spot signs of damage to drainage systems and pipework. While unpleasant odours and standing water clearly indicate a blockage, uncovering issues like cracks in interior pipe walls requires a specialist service from drainage companies. If left undetected, small issues with drains can develop into much more serious problems such as leaks, flooding, structural damage and water ingress that can lead to subsidence. At Drain Cover Ltd, we provide the latest in drain lining services that return damaged pipes back to a fully operational condition.

Based in Purley, we cover all surrounding local areas like Bromley and Croydon. On a regional scale, our drainage experts undertake work across Surrey, Sussex, Kent and Greater London.

Traditionally, having a drain repaired involved breaking through concrete, tarmac or brick walls, excavating several feet below the ground and bearing an awful lot of disruption. With the time and labour involved, such work also carried a sizeable expense.

Drain lining, however, has changed this. In short, this non-invasive process repairs drains without the need for digging, making it far quicker, cleaner, more cost-effective and much less disruptive.

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What is Drain Lining?

As the name suggests, drain lining involves lining the inside of a drainage pipe with a polymer resin. This lining bonds to the inside of the pipe, instantly covering over any cracks and fractures. Like all reputable drainage companies, Drain Cover Ltd can line as much or as little of your system as needed. This includes patch lining, a process that offers spot treatments for individual areas of damage limited in size.

Having carried out a CCTV drainage survey and confirmed that drain lining represents the most effective solution for your system, we begin the installation process. To start, we thread the lining through the pipework to the damaged area. Depending on the condition of your system, and its size, we can utilise numerous methods to position the lining. These include using an inflated air bag that shapes the lining or water pressure to force it into place (known as inversion).

When installed, we then cure the resin using either hot water or air. In essence, this creates a new pipe, or section of pipe, within the structure of the original. We use specially designed linings that not only repair and protect, but also aid in water flow with a low friction surface.

The Benefits of Drain Lining

Drain lining offers property owners in Bromley, Croydon and the neighbouring areas an array of benefits, including:

  • A non-destructive, non-invasive way to repair drainage systems
  • A more cost-effective solution than methods involving excavation
  • Minimises downtime, allowing businesses to operate as normal
  • Highly durable materials designed to perform for decades

If you’re searching options for drainage companies to perform drain lining at your property anywhere in Surrey, Sussex, Kent or London, look no further than Drain Cover Ltd. With more than 70 years of collective industry experience, we’ve got you covered.

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