Drain Unblocking in Croydon, Bromley, Surrey, Sussex, Kent and Greater London

Drain Cover Ltd provides rapid clearances for blocked drains across the South East. Be it blockages at homes, hotels and schools or in main sewers, our team provides drain unblocking solutions backed by over 70 years of industry experience. We recognise the stress and disruption caused by system blockages, not to mention the potential for unhygienic conditions. As such, we provide a 2-hour response time, providing the kind of rapid solutions and expertise that other drainage companies simply can’t match.

Based in Purley, we offer drain unblocking services across Surrey, Sussex, Kent and London. On a local scale, some of our primary service areas include Bromley, Croydon and the surrounding areas.

Upon arrival at your property or site, we carry out a quick assessment to diagnose the cause of the blockage. No matter the reason, Drain Cover Ltd has the latest in specially designed equipment to safely resolve the problem. While we can clear most blockages with rods, we often need to apply high-pressure water jetting for more stubborn situations.

From common products and materials to surprising one-offs, our team has experienced an extensive range of blocked drains over the years. Regardless, we always successfully undertake drain unblocking services, returning drainage systems to efficient working order as quickly as possible.

The common causes of blocked pipes and drains include:

  • Fat or Grease (FOG) Build-up
  • Accumulated Hair
  • Excess Toilet Paper
  • Small Items of Clothing
  • Tree Leaves
  • Tree Roots
  • Plastic Bags
  • Toiletries
  • Wet Wipes

Like all customer-focused drainage companies, Drain Cover Ltd provides a 24-hour emergency callout service 365 days a year. Whether in Bromley, Croydon or any of the neighbouring areas, if you suffer the misfortune of a blocked system, we’ve got you covered.

If you notice a change in the performance of your drainage system, please contact us on 020 8410 9200, 07859 098 186 or 07711 083 832 to discuss your drain unblocking needs.

Staying Ahead of Blocked Drainage Systems

Of course, it’s impossible to completely eliminate the chances of emergency drainage situations. However, there are signs that indicate the onset of a blocked drain, such as:

  • Slow draining water in sinks, showers and baths
  • An increased odour coming from the toilet
  • Gurgling noises coming from the plughole
  • Water rising after flushing the toilet

If you notice any of these signs at your property in Bromley, Croydon or the neighbouring areas, we strongly advise contacting us as soon as possible to schedule a system inspection and drain unblocking, if required.

Dealing with small issues before they develop into bigger problems invariably leads to less stress, disruption and property damage while helping to keep the overall cost of repairs down.

As all drainage companies will confirm, we also advise revising what items you put down your sinks and toilets. Quite simply, household items should never be placed into the drainage system. They only get stuck and cause a blockage.

While some build-ups occur naturally, items like flushed wipes, nappies, sanitary products and other household waste will only help them develop faster.

Call 020 8410 9200, 07859 098 186 or 07711 083 832 for more information about drain unblocking services in Bromley, Croydon and the surrounding areas.